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When it comes to declaring a static document, there is no better choice than HTML. While developers enjoy an array of benefits of this markup language, they feel short when it is about declaring dynamic views in web based apps.

The advanced technology by Google comes as a breakthrough solution to this. AngularJS, commonly referred to as Angular, is an open-source web app framework developed to simplify both development and testing of single-page apps as it provides a framework for client-side MVC architecture and also elements used for making rich internet apps.

AngularJS extends the HTML vocabulary for an application, which in turn, results in a magnificent environment. Developers find it quite impressive, readable and quick to develop.

Hire AngularJS Developer

ST Websoft’s Take on AngularJS

At ST Websoft, we adopt the latest tools and technologies to serve robust yet scalable solutions. Our programming experts study every facet of the new technology before practicing it.

We use AngularJS for making dynamic web-based applications that are more feature-rich, flexible and tailored. The toolset is to build the framework that suits the most to an application. We leverage the benefits of this technology as it is fully extensible and goes well with other libraries in use. The beauty of AngularJS, as our developers see, is each of the features can be modified or changed to fit a unique development workflow.

Why do we use AngularJS?

Our goals are clear. To develop dynamic apps that are more efficient and better in scalability to render the business objectives defined. We practice AngularJS as it smoothens the entire process of building tailor-made applications without bothering much about testing, deploying and navigating. We prefer Angular for following reasons –

  • The responsive web designs are made better, scalable and attractive with AngularJS
  • It provides us with a better structure to build an app right from designing the UI, writing the business logic, and also the robust testing
  • Lesser dependencies on libraries. On the other hand, flexibility to use any library
  • Using Angular, we see improvement in testability of the code
  • As it decouples the client side app from the server side and thus, our app development progresses in parallel. This further enables us to reuse both the sides
  • The burden on the server is drastically reduced as it brings server-side services to client-side web apps without any complexity

Contact us for making dynamic applications using the contemporary technology of AngularJS. We have customized hiring models of programmers that fit to your projects and objectives.