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Mobile Apps Management

Business mobile applications carry a lot of crucial information. To utilize the potential of such mobile apps at their best, require proper control over software. Mobile Apps Management (MAM) is a technique through which business applications are controlled in a way that the office management, employee productivity and business processes are streamlined without compromising security.

Practicing key elements of MAM can help a company secure their apps by restricting or limiting their access. It fulfills two main criteria that most of the enterprises are concerned about – flexibility in choice of devices for their employees and data protection in the interest of the company.

  • Remote control and update of applications
  • Observe and manage mobile app lifecycle
  • Easing adoption and bettering user experience
  • Control over mobile apps distribution and access
  • Mobile apps analysis to study ROI
  • Deployment of standards to both corporate and employee-owned mobile apps

Why Mobile App Management?

In the coming years, 25% of enterprises will have an Enterprise App Store to manage corporate-sanctioned apps for greater control over their applications (Source: Gartner Inc). While most of the desktop apps management tools have proved to be inefficient in handling the latest gadgets today, MAM would be mandatory in the future. To back it further, operating systems are swerving even more astoundingly. This in turn makes traditional app management systems certainly less effective.

The services

Our end-to-end MAM services help control provision, updates and removal of mobile apps through existing or newly built channels, which are more secure, scalable and robust. In addition, you can monitor app functioning & its performance and remotely wipe-off data from managed apps.

Adaptability and constraints of BYOD policy in enterprise

Approximately 46% of people using their own device for work have let someone
else use it; about 66% of employees who use their device for work say that their
organizations have no BYOD policies. Even worse, 37% of personal devices used
for work do not have auto-lock or any security for data in it.

With an increased productivity and the many benefits of BYOD come threats of having
security breaches. While companies continue to entertain BYOD practices, they
now focus better on mobile app management (MAM) over device management.
The complexity in enterprise management systems has grown and so has apps

Personal data

94% users would be very frustrated if their company would wipe their personal data off

Exchange of corporate data

43% users are unwilling to give up the use of data interactive apps on personal device in exchange to access corporate data

Ease of access

64% users would be very frustrated if they have to enter password everytime they want to access apps on device

Data backup

49% users would not opt for enterprise apps if they had to give up iColud or andoid backup manager for their personal phone


How ST Websoft delivers business value?

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