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An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is one of the operating models that are useful in strategic partnerships with companies and offshore vendors. In simple words, an ODC comprises a dedicated team of programmers and developers to obtain impeccable solutions of various IT-related projects. It is a pool of experienced professionals that works as an extension of companies’ in-house teams.

These days, with technological advancement, outsourcing has taken a new shape as an ODC.

ST Websoft’s ODC

ST Websoft Offshore software development center acts as an extension of your team in India. Our ODC addresses your specific business needs and the nuances of the market simultaneously, and helps your company come up with better project execution. Whether you are planning to set up an offshore mobile apps development center or an extension of your web development hub, ST Websoft ODC just fits in.

Following are some of the excellent features of ST Websoft’s ODC:

  • Services of IT professionals to help you grow the business
  • Quality development services and on-time project execution
  • Robust infrastructure with all the corporate amenities
  • Solutions at the most affordable prices

In brief, our ODC makes you free from the worries of various legal procedures, and other formalities like payroll, long-term office leases, security, etc. while providing a full control over intellectual property in the most cost-effective way.

The fascinating part of ST Websoft ODC is: Companies need to pay for only those resources that they use. As there is no extra, or hidden cost is involved, companies can save good bucks in their operational costs. In addition, they can concentrate on their core activities by setting up an ODC.

ODC Setup in India

Why companies should set up an ODC with ST Websoft

Companies should set up an ODC with ST Websoft so that they can:

  • Focus on Core IT Competencies
  • Reduce business risks
  • Control operational cost completely
  • Get highly economical solutions
  • Get the benefits of the multiple time zones
  • Get quick and higher ROI
  • Acquire the best talent at a reasonable cost
  • Get the assurance of the safety and privacy of their projects as we have earned standardization certifications for maintaining the high standards in cyber security
  • Leverage the benefits of high-quality industry practices for project management, development, and execution
  • Get additional security for your projects through NDA (non-disclosure agreement)

Steps of Our Stringent Process

Years of providing industry standard IT solutions, we have developed a step-by-step offshore development process that is the most efficient to address all the business requirements.

  • 1Team SelectionTeam Selection

    Team Selection
    After signing the ‘Scope Agreement,’ companies can select the team for their projects. We have a number of dedicated professionals to make a perfect team.

  • 2TransitionTransition

    In this stage, we consider some of the important aspects like specific business needs, project details, business processes, manner to execute a project, etc. in such stage.

  • 3Process DefinitionProcess Definition

    Process Definition
    We customize the development process as per the clients’ requirements. In addition, we define the process as per industry standard in this stage.

  • 4Offshore SimulationOffshore Simulation

    Offshore Simulation
    It’s a crucial stage in which we set up everything for better project execution. It includes aspects like reviewing SLAs (Service Level Agreements), building offshore infrastructure, and so forth.

  • 5Project ExecutionProject Execution

    Project Execution
    We start a project as per ‘Scope Agreement’ in this phase. This stage is crucial as it needs to include all the necessary steps for a successful execution of a project.

  • 6Monitoring & TrackingMonitoring & Tracking

    Monitoring and Tracking
    We facilitate our esteemed clients to monitor and track the progress of their projects at each and every stage of the development cycle.

  • 7Deliverables & FeedbackDeliverables & Feedback

    Deliverables and Feedback
    The project team delivers the solutions in a given deadline and gets the feedback for further action. Clients can give directions as per their business requirements.

  • 8ReviewReview

    Finally, the feedback is reviewed by our competent professionals and then the necessary action is taken.


How ST Websoft delivers business value?

We primarily focus on providing technology solutions to enterprises to increase scheduling efficiency, workforce utilization and bettering the deliverables that meet business objectives. Get in touch for consultancy and solutions.