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White Box Testing Services

The software can play a vital role in expanding business on both web and mobile platforms. But, its functionality is based on the internal structures and periodic testing of these structures is essential for maintaining seamless performance.

White Box Testing, also known as glass box, structural, clear box, transparent box, and open box testing, is a software testing process that uses programming codes to test outputs of the given commands. This code-based testing can also include user-facing menus. We take a holistic approach and follow the international standards for coverage tests while offering quality White box testing services.

White box testing includes logic-driven testing of the specifications given in the code along with path-driven testing that covers all possible paths through the code. We perform all the tests for tailored software to ensure that all the internal operations follow given specifications.

Why White Box Testing?

White Box Testing serves four major objectives:

  • To work out all independent paths within a module
  • To verify all logical decisions on their true and false values
  • To execute all loops at their boundaries and within internal data structures validity
  • To implement technical advances for flawless performance

You can ensure proper functioning of codes through fulfilling these objectives.

What we offer?

We offer the following testing services under the hood of White Box testing:

  • Regression testing

    We use the recycled white-box test cases at both unit and integration testing levels while performing

  • Integration testing

    Our professionals test the interactions of every interface with each other during integration testing that includes checking behavior of codes etc.

  • Unit testing

    Unit testing catches defects before and after integrating code with the rest of application. It prevents any types of errors.

Our team of White Box testing professionals also performs load testing and stress testing to ensure optimal performance of codes.

At ST Websoft, we strive for developing and testing applications that can give you an edge over your peers through amazing appearance and perfect performance.