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What is WordPress?

WordPress is primarily the revision of the old b2/cafelog platform, with improvements such as customization of the categories, themes, templates, link management, plug-ins, widget, tags, Trackback and Pingback to name a few.

WordPress is currently the largest self-hosted blogging tool on the Internet (WordPress As Blog). WordPress development comes under Open Source project, which means that there are hundreds of people that are working on it. It is continuously being developed and maintained. The best part is it is free for you to download and use.

The WordPress publishing system is based on PHP and MySQL programming. It is completely customizable and practically the backbone of Web 2.0 development.

Why WordPress as a CMS?

  • WordPress can be used as a Website CMS and can be easily customized.
  • WordPress is user friendly, which is the most probable reason for it to be used as a CMS.
  • It can integrate your blog perfectly with CMS. Even website and blog can be managed together on a single CMS.
  • WordPress as a Website CMS gives substantial number of quality themes and templates, which cab be further customized to fulfill your CMS needs.
  • Website developed using WordPress are extremely user-friendly and can be managed easily.

WordPress as a Website Management Tool

One of the notable features of WordPress is that it can be used as a Content Management System for websites. Once your site is created you can easily edit, add, and change the content as and when required. It requires minimum programming knowledge or even HTML.The ready to use plug-ins and widgets enable your website with advance functionality to facilitate your client with WEB 2.0 experience in no time.

A professional, well designed and updated website is vital to win clients. In an environment of short attention spans and critical first impressions, your websites have to stand out and engage. This is something that WordPress development offers to do with ease.

ST Websoft provides both WordPress Theme Development and WordPress Plugin Development services to serve you with the best tailor-made websites, which are aligned with your business objectives.